Tuesday , October 25 2016

Analysis of Until Dawn: Rush of Blood


The first time that Sony and Supermassive Games showed Until Dawn, at gamescom from 2012, it was a compatible with PlayStation Move PS3 game. Now, things in life – call it butterfly effect, call it virtual reality-, the franchise is reunited with gestural control; a Rush of Blood, half witch, …

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Mini #24 month: Super C


Against is one of those games that seem impossible to improve. And however there has been much better games on that rare genre is that called run and gun; Metal Slug, for example, in 1996, still my favorite; Gunstar Heroes, a few years earlier, a Baroque and perfect run and …

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Special Psycho-Pass Mandatory Happiness: video game VS Anime


It is possible that Psycho-Pass Mandatory Happiness is not of the best visual novels that we have had the opportunity to try, and not represent not best of the genre at play times, but definitely, it is a good product made to fans. Psycho-Pass, the work of animated, despite not …

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It is here the Titanfall 2 launch trailer

Three days of your departure, Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts have released Titanfall 2launch trailer. With this sequel, they hope to revive interest in a franchise which was born two years ago with good reviews, but that perhaps did not fully exploit. The trailer is of those who are now, …

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