Thursday , January 19 2017

Resident Evil 7, the game more difficult in the saga


After all the rumors and materials used, it is normal that Resident Evil 7 is one of the most anticipated games of the franchise. Not in vain, it implies a radical change in the ideas that were handled in the series, including the change in how we play the game. …

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Presentation Gravity 2 Rush


Sony has cited the press of our country to show the latest creation of Japan Studio, Gravity Rush 2. The game has been directed by Keichiro Toyama, a name that perhaps not you is family, but if you say that was the creator of Silent Hill or the series SIREN, …

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NVIDIA announces the arrival of GeForce Now to PC and Mac


NVIDIA has announced at the CES the arrival to PC and Mac of your service GeForce Now, until now exclusive of them devices Shield. GeForce Now is a streaming service games on demand, in the style of Gaikai or OnLive. I.e. you can enjoy games streaming, without having to install …

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A new video about Tokyo 42 combat styles

Them responsible of Tokyo 42 have posted a new video of the game in which is us makes a tour by some of them ways of face is to a same mission that are possible in this «fruit of the love between the Syndicate and GTA of them 90». Is …

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Mass Effect: Andromeda on sale March 23


One of them games more expected on the one hand important of them players, finally has date of exit: 23 of March of the year 2017. From that day we can enjoy the new space opera with Mass Effect Bioware: Andromeda.Andromeda is launched in PS4, Xbox One and PC by …

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Two minutes of Mass Effect: Andromeda from the CES 2017

As I was apalabrao, BioWare has shown a couple of minutes of their new game, Mass Effect: Andromeda, at the CES in Las Vegas. You can watch the video above. Is a video a little chaotic in which is exploring different aspects of the game: first Peebee makes auto level …

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Mass Effect: Andromeda will be March 23


BioWare has announced this afternoon on its official website, right here, the date of Mass Effect: Andromeda: in Europe will go on sale on March 23 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Americans have it a couple of days earlier. From the study of Montreal does not count very much; …

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