Friday , August 26 2016

Owlboy enters in the straight end of its development

All the planets are aligning: after nearly nine years in development, Owlboy is closer than ever. You already have a page on Steam, already it has publishing platform (PC, at the moment, although the jump to consoles is a possibility) and already has a release date, although we do not …

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New trailer for Get Even

The first and only time that talk by here’s Get Even was in January of 2014. Then the output of the game was planned for 2015. For some reason, the project of The Farm 51 fell into a black hole and not we have heard from him so far. Finally …

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The creator of Harvest Moon Announces Birthdays for PS4


Them catalogues always must fill is of titles extravagant and with proposals that break between the games that tend to verse between them more sold. Birthdays, the new game from Yasuhiro Wada, creator of Harvest Moon, seems that will try to offer something different.Birthdays will allow players to create, evolve …

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Sony will arrange a new press conference on September 13


From makes days come commenting on the next celebration of the Playstation Meeting, a conference dedicated to the public in which is expected that is den more details of the consoles that the company is developing. However, there is that paying attention to the ad that is has made recently. …

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