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30 minutes from NieR gameplay: Automat


You bring a gameplay that Square-Enix published recently, teaching about 30 minutes of the title of next appearance, NieR: controller. As you know, this amazing adventure action RPG will launch in Japan on February 23. Shortly after, it will be launched to the rest of the world, both on PC and Playstation 4.

The video shows Yoko Taro, creative director, Yosuke Saito, producer and Takahisa Taura, director, introduced several of the mechanics of the title. They will then give way to the gameplay.

In this, we will see how B2 can mount different animals found in the scenarios. In addition, will have a turnout huge of skills that, as a result of several notes published by Square-Enix and Platinum Games, will recall remotely to what could see in the game Bayonetta.

Next to riding animals, we will learn to control the robot, Pod, which we will bear with us and it will do for the distant fire. We will ask you to set specific enemies and to fire them from positions of security. Also can improve their skills Basic or increase its parameters after climbing from level.

In this delivery steampunk will have three categories of weapons: swords of a hand; two-handed swords; melee weapons. Except that bring the gun to two hands, can choose the pair of arms that more us like to face them fighting. We will have the option to choose two different weapon configurations and alternate them in the midst of the fighting to chain together combos.

Enjoy it!

Still is by confirming the day exact of their arrival to Europa, but will be at the beginning of 2017.

Via | Square-Enix Channel

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