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30 minutes from the remake of Goldeneye 007 that never see the light

Goldeneye remake

Write about Goldeneye, one of the best games of the already dilapidated N64, always evokes me that sense of nostalgia of when he was a kid with so much free time that was dedicated to the Rare game and few obligations. A revolution in its concept, its IA, its design and zonal damage on enemies.

This film adaptation of the first Pierce Brosnan as James Bond is an unforgettable classic in the video game industry. A classic in which Rare worked during a time with the objective of rebuild its paragraph technical and retouch your gameplay mildly with the intention of marketing it in XBLA. To our misfortune, the project remained in an attempt, because it was canceled.

The people of Rare Thief has uploaded a video of 30 minutes of this remake of Goldeneye and looked scared. New textures, 60 fps (the game original had a frame rate variable like so many games of N64) and a gameplay identical to the of the original.

Check for yourselves as it yielded this gem:

One of these days I return to connect the N64 and I give a tribute with Goldeneye.

Via | Rare Thief

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