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£ 9.99 per month you can access over 100 games with Xbox Game Pass


The future is quite possibly the subscription services and is not something you discuss it for free by the new Microsoft service, channels such as Netflix and PlayStation Now, seems that they imposed in the future as formulas to follow majority.

Microsoft anticipates the rest with Xbox Game Pass (speaking of the market of video games). With a subscription that will cost €9.99 per month, you can access more than 100 games. These games will be downloaded and in the moment in which you canceléis your subscription you will never use them. The service will begin this spring. The catalogue will be expanding and rotating. Mention that it is a separate Xbox Live Gold service and it will not be necessary to hire Gold to enjoy Game Pass, unless you want to play online, so yes it will be necessary to have Gold.

Microsoft has yet to confirm the catalogue output and at the moment, most are products of the previous generation, but it is expected that the service is proposing a mix of products.

Wonderful initiative (in theory). I leave you with the main points of Xbox Game Pass:

What we have tabled? Xbox Game Pass, a service that allows users to access a catalog of over 100 games without limits.

What is your price? 9.99 USD per month.

Is there a discount for users of Gold? No, Xbox Game Pass and Live Gold are two independent services. In this way, can be Game Pass without Gold although the latter will be required to access functions such as modes online multiplayer.

What games will be available on Xbox Game Pass? When the service is available throughout this spring, will have more than 100 titles including “Banjo-Kazooie,” “Gears of War: Judgment”, “Jetpac Refuelled,'”Ms. Splosion Man”,”Perfect Dark Zero,””A Kingdom of Keflings””Hexic 2,””Monday Night Combat”,”Kameo,””Viva Piñata”,”The Maw,””Comic Jumper: The Adventures of Captain Smiley”,” Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space, “”Sunset Overdrive “” Max: The Curse of Brotherhood, “” Halo: Spartan Assault, “”Dark Void,””Sacred 3,””NBA 2 K 16″,”WWE 2 K 16,””Borderlands,””BioShock”,”BioShock 2,””BioShock Infinite”and” XCOM: Enemy Within. “.

The games will be downloaded or played through streaming? Xbox Game Pass games are downloaded to the console to ensure users the best possible experience.

Is there any limit to download titles? No, Xbox Game Pass users can download as many games want to.

When you complete catalog anunciaréis? Later we will share more details.

We will be adding new games? Part of the catalog of Xbox Game Pass will be rotating every month, those games that are close to leaving the list will appear highlighted so that the user knows which soon will no longer be part of this subscription.

Are there any benefits when buying games that exist in Game Pass? If there is any game that you like and is in Game Pass, you can buy it forever with a discount of 20% on the Xbox Shop plus 10% extra if you are a user of this subscription service.

The games will continue on your hard disk if I stop paying Game Pass? No, at the moment in which the Game Pass subscription is cancelled, the games will automatically be deleted.

Source | Microsoft

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