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A little more Dead Rising 4 in this journal of development

Capcom Vancouver, no doubt’s most Canadian Lords who you are going to see today, tell us a little more about the return of Frank West in this new promotional video for Dead Rising 4.

And here, I’m sorry, I have to put me on the side of the picky. As they say many comments on YouTube- or on NeoGAF; don’t forget never to NeoGAF-, it doesn’t make much sense so much talk about return of journalist when so little resembles the protagonist from the first Dead Rising. The face is another, voice is different, and sultry description that make developers, between swearing and beeps, misses nothing.

They talk about “back to the roots”, because it’s what touches, but everything much more reminiscent of Dead Rising 3 than the original; they become combined vehicles and, following this trend, we have now a transformable exoskeleton. Another novelty has to do with the zombies of different kinds: the haves still fresh bite are faster than the lifetime and then there are the Evo, yet more aggressive, that they stick some good jumping.

Sure that here will end up leaving a game it pretty fun, that I am clear. Bothers me a tad more than usual forced speech, but it takes more than that to take away my desire to crush zombies with a triceratops head.

Dead Rising 4 will be available for Xbox One and Windows 10 the 6 of December. The reissue of the first two deliveries has not date, although you should leave earlier.

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