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A look at Mass Effect multiplayer: Andromeda

With the fourth episode of this gameplay series are published from BioWare turn arrives to the multiplayer mode of Mass Effect: Andromeda. Things here are going more or less as in Mass Effect 3: co-op by waves and already, nothing rolling shot against other players.

I do not think a bad decision, because the grace here is in use and combine the skills of various kinds: a krogan engineer overload the shields of the robot enemy and the soldier turiano, always attentive, topped it with a Concussive shot. Nothing particularly new, but these mechanical never go out of fashion if the challenge slat is placed at the appropriate height.

Then clearly it boxes and cards. Packages to unlock other characters and consumable items such as the kits you can buy with the currency that we receive as a reward after every game or the extra money that you enter every month with the payroll of truth. To what extent is that put a spoke in the wheels of the progression – had written “in progress”; I guess also vale – is something that we can begin to check tomorrow, when the early test of Mass Effect: Andromeda in EA Access and Origin Access: always 10 hours can be reversed without restrictions in the multi, but in the campaign can not go beyond the first tocha mission on the planet of Eos.

I all that I have already done so, must confess, and still not be clear what to think of this new beginning for the franchise. Here is everything you should have a Mass Effect and I like that they have chosen to enhance the role and the action at the same time, but there are a few very questionable decisions – what not to give orders companions is Fireworks-, the script is not particularly brilliant at boot and graphically stays a bit adrift. Go already talking about it during these few days that separate us from its launch: Mass Effect: Andromeda comes out March 23 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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