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A new trailer for Tekken 7 recovers to Eddy Gordo

Bandai Namco has released a new trailer for Tekken 7 which focuses on Eddy Gordo, the veteran character from the series. You can see it on the top of these lines.

Eddy made his debut in Tekken 3, where he became the favorite character of the miserable ones that didn’t play and ruining her fun to everyone. One of those miserable was myself, so I know what I am talking about. Its relevance has been fluctuating in subsequent deliveries.

If something commendable in this trailer, it is in the description of the video which you can read on YouTube. There has been formed the best phrase written in English language, which is as follows:

Eddy is seeking retribution for the death of his Capoeira master.

I think it’s fair to point that all the works of Shakespeare is a step below this simple synopsis of this mini short story that explodes in all directions and just covering all human reality; I doubt that Tekken 7 is as good as this phrase, look what I say. I have read it hundreds of times and it’s perfect. Please respect.

On June 2 we can verify if the game survives to the synopsis. It comes in PS4, Xbox One and Steam; It is (almost) the first Tekken which is published on the platform from Valve.

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