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A stroll in the Minas morgul of shadows of war

Through IGN, Monolith has released a video which shows a fragment of Shadows of Guerra, the next set of La Tierra-Media. (Not to be confused, or Yes, with shadows of war: the Spanish Civil War, by Legend Studios.) You can see it on the top of these lines.

In the video the Minas Ithil, a quite different urban landscape are what was customary in shadows of Mordor and adds “verticality and new opportunities” for the stealth and the movement. That’s video, in which Viggo Mortensen (Note: may not be that the name of the protagonist) seeks and runs an ORC Commander. Another game that should be acting violently against a figure of authority. Is it a sign?

In any case, this objective serves to take a quick look at the Nemesis system, the brilliant idea that they introduced in shadows of Mordor and giving weight and depth to the world of the game creating a hierarchy of unique enemies that can be modified to sword. Not come into too many details about new or what has changed, but Monolith has Yes previously talked about some of the ways in which this system has evolved in the sequel.

Moreover, a little thing of always: combat is similar, for better or for worse (in my case, rather the second: seems very dynamic and eye-catching), and follow to the letter the game manual mainstream, fidelity to the formula that makes it suitable for many more palates but also makes it less unique I guess.

They hope to have it ready for August. The commitment to high resolutions, by the way, is strong: comes out on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, and will be compatible with Scorpio, the next Microsoft console, that focuses on the 4K resolution both PS4 Pro.

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