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According to estimates of Newzoo, Super Mario Run already it has unloaded 90 million of times

Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run finished 2016 a success, and has begun the new year being even more successful. Not in vain the game, which is currently only available for iOS, continues to receive hundreds of shopping each day, which hints at the good health of the project. Nintendo, of course, continues to work on new features for the mobile game which could be considered as the most famous is right now.

Take you a look to the latest estimates of the firm Newzoo. It said that, according to their numbers, the project has already downloaded in 90 million times since its launch in December of last year. To that there is that add that them figures of the company indicate that is have generated 30 million of dollars of income gross, which would mean that only the 3% of them players would have paid them 10 euros corresponding to unlock the game full.

We must bear in mind that Super Mario Run has several forms of financing. Although in a principle is a game free-to-play, so certain is that has shopping in the own game. Also, if want the experience complete will have that pay 10 euros to unlock all the content. In any case, it is possible that Nintendo will publish more content payment.

On the other hand, mention that soon is put up a version of Super Mario Run for Android, what means that thanks to this release is may increase them income economic that is are getting. It seems that the game will be most successful in what we are thinking. The question is is being really profitable for Nintendo? We will have to wait for official news.

Via | The Wall Street Journal

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