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Activision Announces Skylanders Imaginators, editor of characters

Disney surrendered with their Infinity, but Activision still out you the numbers with that of «toys that come to life»: this year touched Skylanders Imaginators, a new delivery that aims to put the creativity of the dudes in the center of the experience thanks to the new editor of characters.

The statements of our dear Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Activision Publishing, are what gives quality to the press release:

We have received countless letters and drawings from children around the world, who wanted to share with us their own Skylanders characters. No matter what we are in contact with our ‘inner child’ still being adults, nothing can overcome the endless creativity that arises from the inspiration of children.

Indeed, the speech makes little sense. In fact, and let us assume that it is a beautiful coincidence, a few days ago we saw how a Blizzard artist was encouraged to become a concept art to Birst, the heroin to Overwarch proposing to one girl with another of those drawings.

Obviously, the relationship between the virtual character and the munecajo which is put on the stand will be different. In order to create a Skylander – selecting between 10 classes, 10 elemental powers and dozens of options for each part of your body – you need to buy a glass of creation; the bug that you have edited, so you can take it it to a buddy’s House is kept in that piece of plastic, but there is no space for more characters. Each vessel will cost 10 euros, although including a glass of creation, along with the game and other 2 new Skylanders, in the usual Starter Pack.

Activision anuncia Skylanders Imaginators, con editor de personajes

It is not a bad idea, but grace here would go further and be able to send your designs to a 3D printer to make your magic and end up sending you your personalized snowman. It is not spoken by now that possibility, but it is something that has been doing for some time with World of Warcraft, for example.

And if not, as more than 300 figures that have gone out with the previous installments are still compatible. Also vehicles of the last Skylanders Superchargers, but only for multiplayer races – will not have any use in the campaign.

Skylanders Imaginators will be released in Europe on October 14th, for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Wii U. Versions fall to 3DS and Wii, but Nintendo will receive a special treatment: those of Toys for Bob, read in Game Informer, have confirmed that there will be new “guest stars”. The last time they were not bad adaptations of Donkey Kong, and Bowser, but I am afraid that this year will play The Legend of Zelda. And though seeing Link in an Activision game will be too much for the body –my body, of course, is not ready-, the same a Goron is apanadete. We will see.

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