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Allison Road, the successor of P.T., returns a time more than the grave


The brief history of Allison Road goes way of convert is by right own in a history of ghosts and resurrections of afterlife. This title, which has commonly been defined as the spiritual successor to the cancelled Silent Hills, has suffered throughout his short life several cancellations, the last from the hands of Team 17, creators of Worms, and that was supposed to bring this project to fruition.

Now the creator of Allison Road again and with it brings back this project with the intention to develop it. A task that seems not easy considering the background, although it seems confident that this occasion Yes will come out ahead. Currently it is the only working in Allison Road, as started with this project, although ensures that arrived the moment could hire to more people.

In any case, it seems it will be awhile before we can play Allison Road. All suffered setbacks have made the author reconsider some issues of this title and changes of different consideration to history and to the pace of play. All these modifications will have an impact unknown in the development of the game, by what is impossible to predict the frame temporary in which are moves now Allison Road.

This will be the occasion so Allison Road can finally see the light? Frankly, the project seems cursed and that has inherited the fateful destiny of Silent Hills. Who knows if this title is converted in an entity spectral that rack to their followers and even to its own creator. What it seems clear is that the new Allison Road will be different to the version initial planned, hope that for well.

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