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Analysis of Berserk and the Band of the Hawk

Análisis de Berserk and the Band of the Hawk

Developed by Omega Force, one up, one down, seven games through 2016.

Kentaro Miura finally ended a Berserk volume last year. It was the first from 2013.

In any case, the musou of Berserk makes sense. In the pages of the manga, it is common to find your character, Guts, faced without assistance to hundreds of mercenaries, demons, evil spirits or crocodiles with Spears. The premise of this type of game, the turn ‘I against the neighborhood’ into ‘I against several cities’, we can note here less forced than usual; If there is that bundling to swords, so it might be better to do it with Guts.

Connection is so obvious, in fact, that one begins the game ready to forget that pile of titles developed from the same template. And although the limitations of the formula are never apparent – are so many enemies on screen that should necessarily be rompers useless-, virtues are essential for a while: there is an unquestionable attraction in the combo of 9999 Hits, excessive power, in the see how dozens of red spots disappear from the minimap to do a special attack.

Análisis de Berserk and the Band of the Hawk

A from there, however, nothing more. Berserk and the Band of the Hawk don’t worry nor a little bit by cushioning the brutal blow of monotony. Level design is almost non-existent, so that a particularly simple combat system is still more cut: If the goal is always charged to a certain number of enemies also passive, the most efficient way of doing so is to always use the chain of attacks with greater scope. Square, square, square, triangle. Over and over and over again. Until you level up and unlock a new variant. Now is square, square, square, triangle and triangle. All those hits van filling the corresponding anger meter, clear, that once the maximum allows us to increase the damage for a few seconds and do upload another rod that, Yes, which allows you to drop a particularly devastating slap.

Análisis de Berserk and the Band of the Hawk

There is no place for the strategy or improvisation. Secondary weapons as the mythical canon of the prosthetic arm are there by contract, but do nothing that it could not be better with a good square, square, square, triangle. More or less the same goes for accessories to improve the attributes – a few stats and the possibility of merging bracelets, rings or pendants, for that appear certain depth – and cure objects, that you only needed to use before a couple of bosses.

Aware that not tightening, Berserk and the Band of the Hawk as minimum covers. By chronological order and skipping only the part of Rosine and their elves, what happened is reviewed from the destinations of Guts and Griffith intersect until it sets sail the famous ship of Roderick. They pass many things at that time, but Omega Force seem to mind all the same little: Although used the same dialogues that has nothing to do in the original material, the story that emerges from there. Absurd censorship is loaded the rawness that should hold the plot and graphics, very justitos, do not give to recreate as expected the most shocking scenes of the work of Miura. Again, the reluctance that defines the presentation of the game is not something that is deemed necessary to hide: while you can, take borrowed the cinematic of the trilogy of films of the golden age; finished that arc, they become grown with a completely different style.

Nor can control Zodd, Griffith to Schierke manages to be a remarkable attraction. Endless Eclipse mode to you Apelles to the fanservice to all those characters in an endless succession of recycled scenarios to unlock different appearances. It will be that not: at that point, could not be more evident that this is not a game for fans of Berserk. It is, if anything, for fans of the musou.

How frustrating, as so often, is that we not asked much. Of course I remember the usual, CyberConnect2, more for his Asura completo Wrath than by the Naruto, but I know that several were willing to settle for less. With a little love, respect and work. In some vignettes of Berserk over there that throughout this game. In the end, as almost everything is a matter of time: there are worse ways to lose it, of course, but Berserk and the band of the Hawk not good for much more than that. [5]

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