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Analysis of PS4 Pro

Análisis de PS4 Pro

The role of Mark Cerny as an architect has special grace now that Sony lives in Matrix; PlayStation VR was called Project Morpheus for several months and the code name of this PlayStation 4 Pro was Neo. The chosen, nothing less. Cerny, curious master of ceremonies, taught his Knack before any other game for PS4. Was February of 2013. Three and a half years later, with several promises then yet to comply, the good old Mark presents another PS4. The first thing we see in that event is a photo of a beach that serves to illustrate the jump from 1080 p to 4 K.

The Pro is a rare console. It was when it leaked, it remained it when it was officially announced and is still now, a few weeks after his arrival in the shops.

PS4 Pro is striking, to turn on, the little special feels. The interface always reminds us, want that no, this is a PlayStation 4. Rather than a review and much less than a new generation, is an uncomfortable intermediate point more by lack of identity than by the absence of background. Once the data transfer, slowly but surely, everything appears as it was. That nothing has been damaged, P.T. follow there, is the least in a disastrous first impression: it’s easy to forget that you’re premiering a pileup and is very difficult to decide how to begin using it. Nothing tells you what games have received the update that allows them to take advantage of the extra power that turns you into a professional’s PlayStation 4. Nor are the contributions of those patches. That absurd way of hiding only updates can be understood as an excess of caution that does not work for anybody: angry PS4 users will tell you – with good reason – that the damage is done; the others, ending of spent 400 euros more, want to notice the change.

Análisis de PS4 Pro

The asterisk, symbol of truth half in the best of cases and the trick in the rest, is almost a logo in promotional material for PS4 Pro. It is fair to which aspires to be its message more clear and direct, the 4K game, which needs further clarification. Only a few titles – The Last of Us Remastered and FIFA 17, i.e. a pair – work to the native resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. Others, the majority, stretch the image with special grace: is the procedure used for the rescaling, the now famous checkerboard, which for some valid proposal from Sony. Escape me details of all of this, as always, but the improvement in the quality of the image if you have a 4 K television is unquestionable. Change is noticed more or less depending on the game, because the large part at each of several resolutions. And although the numbers can be deceiving – 1800 p and 1080 p are very similar, just to change a position, but it is tripling the number of pixels; little joke-costs a bit more making fun of the asterisks and the rhetoric of joke when you play so Ratchet and Clank. On the other hand, Uncharted 4 spent all his miracles earlier this year: the jump is less evident in this case, especially disappointing for being who is.

The matter is complicated when the console is connected to a more veteran TV. Improvements to 1080 p in the patched titles are minipuntos, consolation prizes that remain always closer to save you an anger that give you a joy. Improvement in the framerate of Battlefield 1 is appreciated, but it exists because of a problem that should not be in the version Basic; the higher definition in Titanfall 2 is notable, but only if you see the before and after in a comparison; Paragon is just horrible to be a bit ugly, but it is that they are already looking forward to. Again, the crossroads is complex. How to improve a game without getting you on the road with a lower version? For now, I insist, manda a prudence with which it is difficult to be satisfied.

The optimistic reading, an act of faith, is that any good patch can do to change this situation. Remains to be seen if the developers are familiar with PS4 Pro, if formulas are just found to increase the versions without goats in excess staff. Horizon: Zero Dawn, the example that always likes to please, Sony will have had time to think about this when it is released in March. Insomniac used “> the same technique of temporary injection that has gotten him to the Lombax mechanic for the next Spider-Man – with that, precisely, cost me sleep.” For the next few months, the list of studies who plan to jump on the bandwagon could make us forget absences vacations – From Sotware with Bloodborne, CD Projekt with The Witcher III – at the launch.

Análisis de PS4 Pro

And it is that, in the absence of seeing what you can do with Final Fantasy XV, Gravity Rush 2 or God of War, right now is Rise of the Tomb Raider game that best serves to comment on the potential and the limitations of this doped PS4. It is a version turbopotenciada, no doubt, and Crystal Dynamics seems to be successful by providing a selector so that each one can decide what prefers. Analyzing it coldly, however, here we have a 4K mode that does not go to 4K, so 60 fps not reaching that and a third option with Visual improvements that cost see. An I want to and I can not manual, which, despite good intentions, you just leaving with more questions and a responsibility that may not have requested.
I do not think little, by simpleton that it may sound, that prefer to play on a console as a matter of convenience. It is a debate that interests me more than the supersampling and I consider it more important. Sony has altered the rules of the game without adapt everything else; the same interface, the same communication, the same price. The result is a listless and indecisive, little wrapped up, premiere for a machine that only today is interesting by its context, because it marks a very different path to which it followed, from 2017, Microsoft and Nintendo.

If you have a 4 K TV, later. You’ve probably won it you. Otherwise, I am afraid that playing wait and see them coming. Or not. I have less clear than that like; I don’t know if this confusion is normal before any change or hurts the head because we try to look for it sense something that don’t have it.

Análisis de PS4 Pro

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