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APE Out is the Hotline Miami of primates

Return Digital has presented the «playable trailer» Ape Out, which you can see here above and here playing in the background, or to the right, or the direction in which they are links to Steam.

APE Out has an air to Hotline Miami, clear, but stars a large primate that escapes from the zoo violently, as it should be. The levels are procedurally-generated maps and the aim is to achieve freedom by escaping from the maze; by the way, must confront the «human opposition’, as it is called in the description of the game enemies, to prevent us becoming Harambe.

In the video above and we see that it seeks to have a sharp and very marked style with lots of color and that jazz that accompanies, for example, the time in which the hero subdues a Mammon and used his own gun to kill his fellow.

Behind the Ape Out is Gabe Cuzzillo, who also created Foiled, a game that won some recognition by being nominated in the category for students of the Independent Game Festival. It has been working three years in Ape Out, who started, oddly enough, as an experiment with stealth in overhead perspective games; the thing has changed a lot since then.

APE Out will come out this summer.

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