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Avalanche (Disney Infinity) might be working on an RPG of Harry Potter (speculation)


Warner Bros. could you give us a surprise of weight in the coming months, Although at the moment it is worth mentioning that all that is in this entry is pure speculation and connections have been perhaps assuming too much.

The story is as follows: Avalanche, currently owned by Warner and Disney Infinity developers, is recruiting staff for an RPG in which an authentic British tone must be provided. The ecosystem of development will be Unreal 4 and talk about an AAA.

Trying to connect the dots we have to:

1 Warner only publishes games of IPs that they work and this project is marked within the “representative franchises” of the company.

2 Avalanche has historically worked in games of cinematic license.

3 there is nothing more British than Harry Potter in Warner (or perhaps something of fantastic beasts).

It is playing with fire, but we will see if in the end we burn ourselves or take a joy. What was said, purely speculative, but with its base.

Via | Neo-GAF

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