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Batman: Arkham VR becomes Oculus and HTC lives April 25

The latest from Rocksteady, that Batman: Arkham VR that premiered last year at PlayStation VR, reach other virtual reality devices before the end of this month: April 25 will be available for Oculus Rift and HTC lives.

We already knew that the exclusivity with Sony expired March 31, 2017 –a.k.a. the week past–so the Warner announcement should surprise us just enough.

Developments or additions to these versions are not mentioned in the press release. Keep even two systems of control, one quite uncomfortable with the traditional command and the gestural, good, which now uses Oculus Touch and maracas lives. You must also see far the push with the graphics, to take advantage of the power of the Master Race and the higher resolution of his glasses.

I still think the same as I said on the website: Batman: Arkham VR is one of the best experiences that have been developed for virtual reality. It is a short game, relatively little ambitious and limited, but also ingenious, effective and very, very spectacular.

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