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Battlefield 1 has new trailer for the campaign single

That Yes, here the important thing is the multiplayer and all you want, but I don’t think giving up with the bells in the FPS. I think that they are still needed in any overproduction of this style and I think that they can do it better than they have been made in recent years – with DOOM, perhaps, as recent and brilliant exception.

It remains to be seen what such leaves part of Battlefield 1single player, but as a trailer I liked: different fronts in World War II-each with an actor and a main vehicle, give us to understand – they should ensure some variety and tone, because so little is said and the music that sounds , I have similar unusually sober and proper. Not bad.

Then is, of course, it’s the graphic father.

Battlefield 1 will be available the next 21 October, but on PC and Xbox One – Origin Access and EA Access – a good piece you can try for quite a while the week prior to release.

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