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Bayonetta today comes to Steam

The PC version of Bayonetta will be available today, as reported by Engadget.

The text (which right now is not available, even though you see on the cover; has been published more than one hour before the end of the countdown that Sega started April 1) explains that this new version has ‘4 K and advanced graphics options’ resolution, and little else. Apart from a temporary promotion edition deluxe, there seems to be more news than techniques.

Lack does so much more. I think that the emphasis on graphics means that the port will be good, and that those who have not been able to play even one of the best games of all time (or better, depending who you ask) are the best example of this way of doing things by PlatinumGames has so much prestige. It’s never a bad time.

In Engadget don’t give more information about price or availability, so it only remains to wait for the afternoon advance and exit Bayonetta, that was the best game of the year in 2009, 2010, 2014, when it went out on Wii U together with the second part, and 2016, when was backward compatible with Xbox One. 2017 joins Buenos years official list published by the Association of friends of Bayonetta.

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