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BioWare updated the Andromeda Denuvo with patch 1.05

Mass Effect: Andromeda

A few days ago confirmábamos than the present copy protection in Mass Effect: Andromeda, Denuvo, had been violated by a group of crackers. In fact, the software to play copies illegal was already on the Internet. However, since Bioware have been stepping on this issue and they have updated security methods that apply to the game. Amazing? Certainly yes, because rarely have seen this type of movements.

According to some media, Mass Effect: Andromeda included a version of Denuvo, which facilitated the cracking of software and enforcement of illegal copies of the videogame. However, the latest patch 1.05 has served to update the protection copy, as well as fix some of the errors found. The result is that, after applying the update, the cracking of the game is no longer possible.

It must not rule out the possibility that users continue accessing older versions, which are vulnerable and that you can run the crack successfully. In any case, expected that the copies that are offered for sale do not have this vulnerability, hampering the execution of illegal editions or that they can share on Internet sites.

Mass Effect: Andromeda already performs best, and is protected in a more convenient way. You know that behind the project there are dozens of people working, so we encourage you to buy the game. So you not only supporting the industry, but that you also agradecéis that such products can further develop.

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