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Black Sea Games rises from the ashes of the study of Crytek in Bulgaria

Black Sea Games, creators of Knights of Honor and WorldShift, have regained their independence after eight years working under the umbrella of Crytek. He study of Sofia, in Bulgaria, was one of the five affected by the surge of closures that the multinational German announced the week last.

«Our mission is to create plays hardcore that entertain players once», Black Sea Games said in a statement. «Believe that the best experiences of game come of challenge to them players with decisions important, while is les gives it freedom to create (and share) their own stories within the game».

Founded in 2001 (with a small difference: then were Black Sea Studios) by Vesselin Handjiev, was bought by Crytek in 2008. Then, his experience with strategy games was redirected to the development of a MOBA free-to-playArena of Fate, announced in may 2014 and which had planned to release «on PC and consoles‘.

After the experience with Crytek, the same Handjiev has refounded his original Studio, which is already working, as they have said, in a new game. Up to September of this same year, Vesselin Handjiev was the director of Crytek Black Sea; few weeks after leaving the Studio, in November, he founded the new Black Sea Games.

This year has been especially hard for Crytek, that supposedly crosses problems financial that have prevented that pay them salaries to its employees from makes several months, which resulted in the closure of five of their seven studies.

In 2014 you could already see not only the first promotional trailers, but also entire games to play. Below you have an of them.

As curiosity, there is an event sports that is celebrated every four years and in which compete them countries that border the Sea Black that is called also Black is Games.

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