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Blackwood Crossing, a new history of intrigue and mystery


Blackwood Crossing is one of those surprises that will captivate more than one, putting us directly in the middle of a mysterious journey filled with intrigue and questions unanswered.

We will continue the adventure after the prospect of Scarlett and Finn, a pair of orphans who awaken, without knowing how or why, on a moving train. Disoriented and lost, try of find an explanation reasonable to what les has happened.

However, when a Figure mysterious appears, discovered that not is a simple train ordinary, and that this trip will be the prelude of an adventure magic of life, love and loss.

Through this intense drama, where we will have amazing skills, we will try to examine the relationship with our brother’s ten years, Finn, who we separated after the car accident that killed our parents.

With the development of the adventure, you will find answers to the anguish of Finn, and discover the consequences of its remoteness during adolescence , after certain events, become horribly clear.

Blackwood Crossing will develop fully in the first person and, judging by the trailer, deambular√° between the magic and innocent fantasy, and the psychological thriller lightly seasoned with magic and color.

Blackwood Crossing will be released at the beginning of 2017, and will launch for PC and Playstation 4, Xbox One (Steam).

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