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Blues and Bullets is not cancelled, but its development is in trouble


Blues and Bullets, the episodic adventure of the Spanish indie Studio-style “noir” A Crowd of Monsters is going through difficulties to be able to be completed. Alarms have emerged with the passing of the months following the launch of the second chapter of this adventure and after which the company was plunged into the most absolute silence. This situation led to think many amateur that the game could have been cancelled, but the study Spanish has come out to the step to clarify that continues in development but that itself is passing by difficulties to take it forward.

To Crowd of Monster not specified to what type of difficulties is faces, but from the study ensures that where Blues and Bullets is cancelled, it will be notified. A news that hand gives something of security to them followers of this adventure, since by now seems that is still working in the third chapter, but that to the same time not get dispel them fears of a closing sudden that prevents give a conclusion satisfactory to this title.

The truth is that the development of Blues and Bullets was not a path of roses. Since the launch of the first episode, the delays have been continuous and the flow of information scarce. The publication of the second chapter arrived months late and behind him there has been no further news about the third. A situation compromised for all those users who purchased the full game, since at first it was not possible to buy episodes one by one.

By the time remaining 3 episodes to complete the game, a goal that now seems difficult to see accomplished. In any case, it seems that A Crowd of Monsters continues fighting for the project and we hope that we can soon have news of the next chapter of Blues and Bullets.

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