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Bye-bye BoxBoy! is published in Europe the 23 of March

Nintendo has announced the release date of Bye-bye BoxBoy! , the third installment of the series which began in 2015. It will be on March 23, in digital format, via the eShop of Nintendo 3DS.

This new delivery (perhaps the last, if attend to the title) includes 180 levels that twist a little more even the skills of Qbby, the protagonist. The big bye-bye BoxBoy news! they are the new box types, which are left to see in the trailer that he published Nintendo; what you have above. There are boxes pump, box rocket, boxes telekinesis and boxes of teleportation; levels are formed around its possibilities.

In the press release also speaks of five worlds additional, more difficult and that promise to be «a real challenge for the more expert». «Each of these worlds imposes a series of restrictions that change the rules of the game.» Perhaps the players must overcome a level without throwing boxes; or take caution, since perhaps fall from too much height suppose the end of the game; «or even help Qbby reach the goal without can jumping», explains the company.

Starting today, there is a demo available in the eShop. It is a curious trial version: instead of focusing on the last game, in this demo there is “some levels of the previous titles and also a selection of levels of the Bye-Bye BoxBoy!”, says the press release.

This closing of the trilogy was announced at the end of last year, and was released in Japan on February 2. That same day it went on sale a physical Edition that includes three games (BoxBoy!, BoxBoxBoy! and this bye-bye BoxBoy!), a CD with the soundtrack and an amiibo of Qbby, compatible with the third party. The European version is also compatible with the amiibo (which unlock skins to Qbby, in the press release are put as an example ‘Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede or Waddle Dee’) but here we stayed without physical Edition, without CD and without amiibo, and therefore no illusion or hope.

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