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Capcom Announces The Disney Afternoon Collection for PS4, One and PC


Which combed gray remember with joy those afternoons of cartoons with the iconic characters of the factory of Walt Disney. In those years it produced everything and adhering to video games, they were very productive years for Disney characters with high quality titles, some of which not enjoyed the majority of the films of those years licenses.

Capcom will retrieve those evenings with The Disney Afternoon CollectionNutella sandwich. It is a compilation that includes Chip ‘ n Dale Rescue Rangers, Chip ‘ n Dale Rescue Rangers 2, Darkwing Duck, DuckTales, DuckTales 2, and TaleSpin. A small facelift has given to these products so that they shine to 1080 p and has been included in rewind, Boss Rush mode, Time Attack and a museum to soak us information of these productions. It will be on sale on 18 April in PS4, One and PC.

The two DuckTales and Darkwing Duck are jewels, without detracting from the rest. The rewind function can come in very handy, because not I’m now to repeat over and over again those jumps so millimeter and posts with bad blood.

A very pleasant news.

Source | Koch Media

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