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Celeste, the creator of Towerfall, also published in Switch

The new game from Matt Thorson, responsible for Towerfall, is called Celeste and has a new trailer, which you can see above. With he announces that, in addition to PS4 and Steam, the game will reach Nintendo Switch, the next console of the company.

I confess that even he had learned me ad, in July of last year, from this platform pixelated and demanding that must scale a mountain of display on screen; nor is it as easy as it sounds (each screen is a challenge in which the precise use of the jump and dash seems essential) the mountain seems completely free of ghosts, curses and spells. As they say in Eurogamer, have a look at the first Castlevania quite interesting.

Celeste was born as a prototype developed with peak-8; You can try that first version, well other than that go on sale, on the page of Thorson.

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