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Confirmed the cancellation of Allison Road

Allison Road

We are sure many of you remember Allison Road. For quite some time that we don’t talk about the game, which had already been defined by many as the successor to P.T., although it has been weaving her own way. So far, light, when we have received an announcement that has left us ice cream. And it is that Lilith LTD, the company responsible for the development, has confirmed the cancellation of the same.

The developer has used his Twitter account to confirm the cancellation, although he has not given reasonable grounds about the movement. Let us remember that the project began to generate popularity on Kickstarter, but I was later passed into the hands of Team17. Unknown if this latest merger would have had something to do with the cancellation.

The tweet says the following:

Hello everyone. Allison Road has been cancelled. We will post more information in the coming days. Thank you all for your support and we are very sad to have had to come to this situation.

Unknown, of course, if the project another study will be in charge or, definitely, it has stopped. We already say we speak of him somewhere that another time, giving some very positive impressions.

Allison Road, at the moment, it is a cancelled game. We will wait for more information about what has happened.

Via | Twitter – Allison Road

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