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Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal working in a game of the Avengers

Marvel Entertainment and Square Enix just announced a collaboration agreement which elongates during several years and will be used to develop several games. And the thing starts strong, because the first of these projects is a title The Avengers that in which you are working (those of Tomb Raider) Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal (of Deus Ex).

The game is known only that it will be an original story with the usual suspects; Although none can be seen, in the trailer there rather than direct references to Hulk, Thor, Iron Man and Captain America.

The thing goes for long, clear, and its makers promise more details about this first game and those who come after 2018.

Although insurance will have a handful of proposals based on the franchise for mobile devices, first the Avengers film was released without A triple title which should keep him company. Was going to be a game of action cooperative in first person, similar to Borderlands, but is was by the road when THQ closed them studies Australian that worked on it.

Many things have changed since then, and now at Disney seem to have some haste, for the account that brings them, with a change of strategy that is gaining sense. After announcing that they had no intention to develop more games and get rid of its internal studies, business based licensing model allows them to put their characters in more games without investing a penny on programmers. In that sense, the agreement between Marvel and Square Enix sounds comparable to having it with Electronic Arts for Star Wars. They are the two billets, of course, but there’s more: Telltale Games is with its episodic adventure of the guardians of the Galaxy and we have Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite underway. Responsible for the division of Marvel, Jay Ong, games already said during the last E3 that Insomniac Spider-Man was only the beginning.

As in the own Avengers, here are leaving even unexpected alliances: Warner, competition in theaters with DC Comics films, preparing the set of 3 Cars with Avalanche.

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