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D4D: The mod that introduces the new Doom in the old Doom

I have the theory that if the original Doom carries all these years surviving thanks to its community, with dozens of mods and several creations that extend their life up to eternity, is because the feelings that emerge to play it (and its rhythm, and its intensity curve, and its moments of excessive violence or oxygenating pause) resemble other activity that also takes some time to survive and it also has a very generous Community and passionate about keeping it: sex!

Already said this nonsense without any sense, move on to the important and serious: shoot at demons at face fucking. Before the evident tokens of affection exhibiting the reboot of Doom by his ancestor-based maps homenajisticos with pixelotes such as watermelons, seems that the doomera community wanted to return the love with a mod that you cannot pass.

The issue is titled D4D (4 Doom, Doom) and leads to the noventero engine , weapons and the particularities of the reboot, since these refractory periods of enemies that allow us to stoke them Glory Kill hand (here a simple punch makes this function), until the floating pentacles which we turned into hiperdestructivo demon for a few seconds, passing through improvement of weapons and runes collection options.

He mod D2D came out in the middle of the last month of September with it version 1.01.5, but today same have extruded it 2.0 taking advantage of these dates so of dead lifting is and IMPS dancing, so is a good day for fill is them pockets of cartridges and exit to manage tricks and deals.

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