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Dark Souls 3 multiplayer is updated within days of the closure of the trilogy

El multijugador de Dark Souls 3 se actualiza a pocos días del cierre de la trilogía

Bandai Namco has announced that Dark Souls 3 multiplayer options will be expanded with the arrival of The Ringed City, the second (and final) game From SoftwareDLC. These new features will be available for those who have any of the two DLC; is not necessary to have the latter, but at least the first, Ashes of Ariandel.

This new content is added to the game on 24 March, a few days before the launch of The Ringed City. There are two new maps, based on top of the archidragon and the top of the castle of Lothric.

More interesting is the possibility, which also opens the 24th, to team up with friends and maintain connection while enemies are going to try to break the fragile but crucial link for emotional development that joins two people who make computer Internet. It is not what was happening so far: although it was possible to make private games and play only with friends, face other people being team with someone on your friends list had the risk that such collaboration be broke anytime.

In the direct broadcast of which goes out this information also could see something part for a player of The Ringed City, which From, or at least Hidetaka Miyazaki, closes the trilogy Dark Souls. Everything that was (in the video below is the live recording) is the principle of the DLC, including a double boss fight, if there is someone particularly sensitive with the spoilers.

As of March 28, The Ringed City will be available (a ‘more robust than the first’ DLC, according to Bandai Namco; unclear if they relate to quality or quantity), PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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