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Dead Rising 4 already has a new level of difficulty and Street Fighter costumes

Dead Rising 4

The guys at Capcom have not ended up with Dead Rising 4. The game continues to receive enough updates not only to solve the bugs found, but also in order to implement new features. The latest patch has come recently, installing once and several new features and the awaited solution to the problems found.

Firstly, let us look at the fact that Dead Rising 4 already has four new suits. This time, focusing on the Street Fighteruniverse. In fact, we can dress to Frank’s characters as Zangief, M. Bison, Guile or Cammy. It is only necessary to select the corresponding suits in order that the famous reporter has a completely new look.

That is not all, clear, since the game also has a new level of difficulty, which makes to complete all missions and objectives is a real challenge. In fact, if you especific√°is it you will notice how health packages not fills it so much, besides the fact that weapons are more easily broken and enemies resist more damage.

Of course, the patch implements the solution to the problems encountered, as well as minimally improve performance and fluidity of execution. Something that, in any case, is welcome.

If you do not already have the update, it is safest to jump you a message warning of the own download. Don’t forget that Dead Rising 4 is already on sale in stores. You can take a look at analysis published in his day.

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