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Demos of NieR: Automat and Gravity Rush 2 now available


With some delay, but since we are in days in which many are fortunate to enjoy vacation, I’ve seen should remember that PS4 users can already play two parts of two products that are running more than ways.

Talk of NieR: controller and of Gravity Rush 2. The first presents an Bill first playable, a development with elements of RPG and action built by Platinum Games. The demo lasts half an hour and is short, but evidence that we have a cucumber very seriously. Fixed purchase candidate. Jorge could try also a few days ago and his impressions were very positive.

Gravity Rush 2 follows the line of the first development with enhanced control, new movements, and a heady technical/artistic finish. This colorful feel really well to the world of Kat.

As I said I had to have done the entry before, but I have tried two games a few days ago and since their demos have caused me very positive impressions, have encouraged me to remind you of the availability of this material.

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