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DEXED, the shooter to reality virtual of Ninja Theory, arrives this week to PSVR

I think that here we have not spoken of it, and in fact it is a release with very little hype: DEXED came out at the end of September of last year on Steam as shooter of psychedelic airs for two large helmets of virtual reality sold on PC, HTC lives and Oculus Rift. Now the version we finally arrives for PlayStation VR, and the truth is that regardless of the quality of the game, there is enough desire that a Ninja Theory things will go well. Perhaps is sympathy by the disadvantaged: not me can or compare with NostraPepus, but has all the paints of Hellblade goes to be the classic good idea that is paste a host huge in sales. I hope I’m wrong.

Returning to DEXED, its authors say that the game is a VR shooter on Rails with a reference that goes to many to cause a shudder of pure sentimentality: they have set no less than in the Panzer Dragoon to give us rides by a surreal world and, they say, «elegant» where the grace of the matter is that we have two guns (one thread and one fire) so we have to have good reflexes and reaction capacity for use the weapon of ice with the enemies of fire and vice versa, a simple and attractive idea.

Despite its appearance, the game has that dotted arcade reward combos and score multipliers-style samples. Precisely also includes an Arcade mode which is essentially an endless Horde mode in which explosive vermin attack us without stopping in an arena and we have to be successful with the use of the shield both shots to get our record of scoring in global tables and friends. And is also the opposite idea, the Zen mode, which allows us to enjoy the underwater landscapes of the game on a tour without enemies of through, something that should be in every VR games, if you ask me to me.

DEXED reach the European PlayStation Store on Wednesday, February 1 (one day prior to the U.S.) for 9.99 euros.

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