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Dig up the cancelled the die hard game for Nintendo 64

The archaeology of video games can boast of having attended another achievement of much merit. The same type that discovered Riqa, a game for the Nintendo 64, strongly inspired by Lara Croft that was canceled during development, has brought to light another title that has been said many times but never has come to demonstrate their existence: Die Hard 64.

The type in question is called 10ahu and is one of the bigwigs Forum of collecting Retrocollect where has made public that has a version of the game at a stage early in development and divided in three roms but perfectly playable. There are levels set in a riot in a jail, a hospital and the streets of Los Angeles, where we can even enter some buildings, but most phases are almost empty of enemies, and there is no dialogue beyond the mythical cries of war with the voice of Bruce Willis.

Die Hard 64 was in gestation at the offices of Bits Studios – there worked on such 10ahu-specialists in getting games based on movies (developed adaptations of the last great hero, Terminator 2, Robin Hood: Prince of thieves and Alien 3 among others), and never comply with its launch scheduled for 1999.

The same team would end up publishing Die Hard: Vendetta for GameCube in 2002, a FPS that probably took some material of this Die Hard 64 and in general had a rather discreet welcome.

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