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DLC Uncharted 4 focused on Sam, independent, revealed in PS Experience (rumor)


Naughty Dog never had launched a DLC which expand the plot or the mode of their products until the release of Left Behind for The last of Us. A movement that will repeat in Uncharted 4: outcome of the thief. If you have not completed the game, do not continue from this point.

Spoiler. Failure to follow if Uncharted 4 is not completed.

According to a rumor, this DLC content would have as protagonist Sam, brother of Nathan, and Sully. Both characters are very thick as thieves at the end of the affair with Nathan, and it is possible that this content has something of his joint tour of the world.

This DLC would be independent and could enjoy without having Uncharted 4. The PlayStation Experience of December would be the event chosen by Sony and Naughty Dog to present him with a playable section, a mix of video footage and finish the setting in scene revealing the name of this content.

This Uncharted 4 DLC also could enjoy in the positions of game that Sony enable in the Experience.

A rumor with many letters to be true.

Via | Jaffameister

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