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“Dragon of the North”, first DLC Nioh, on sale in may


Nioh includes a large amount of content in the base game, content that it was enlarged for free through a weight update a few weeks ago that included new bosses, missions and a balanced in different sections. On 2 may will come new content, although on this occasion will be paid.

In “The Dragon of the North“, William will travel to the North of Japan, domain of Date Masamune, a well known historical figure of the 1600 year where Nioh happens. We will probably visit the city of Sendai and know to Masamune wearing his iconic armor.

We will have new enemies, weapons, we will visit new areas and deploy our power with the help of new guardian spirits in this DLC. Next to this content will be shown a new free update that added PvP and other content yet without detail by Koei Tecmo.

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