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Dragon Quest XI has new trailer, date in Japan and a slightly crazy Special Edition

Square-Enix has announced the release date, for Japan, its next Dragon Quest XI: 29 July, which is more or less soon will be available.

To celebrate, the editor has published classic trailer that one imaginable, must review the characters in Toriyama made with the mythical theme of the franchise sounding background. The funny thing here is that the promotional video is in duplicate: above you have the version of PS4 and below, that ingenious mix of 2D and 3D graphics that have Nintendo 3DS.

Very different but very equal, as I said that. In fact, Square Enix has also announced a special edition of Dragon Quest XI which brings both versions in the same box. Yes, Yes, a pack with a game for PS4 and the same for 3DS. I teach it you, incredulous:

Dragon Quest XI tiene nuevo tráiler, fecha en Japón y una edición especial un poco loca

It is rather rare that it becomes rare square if we remember that the Dragon Quest XI should leave also for Nintendo Switch; I say should because, although it was of the first titles announced for NX, neither is no trace of that version on the official website nor its makers have wanted to resolve doubts. It seems that, as a little, it will be later. A missed opportunity for Nintendo, I believe, taking into account pull with Dragon Quest in Japanese land.

There is also no information so far about the possible publication of the game in the West, but will be Yes. Also later, insurance, but will.

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