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Elements of role-playing, weapons and launch NieR PC: Automat

nier auto

Horizon Zero Dawn and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild are two essential, but NieR: Automat is another huge cucumber and forgive me the expression, but this 2017 is giving acojonante games quality.

NieR: Automat will offer custom action and with many typical options of Platinum Games productions. These people gives the player polished titles and thanks to the collaboration with Yoko Taro they expand their virtues to the world of the role. The following 27-minute video illustrates the Square-Enix game rolero component:

The following material exhibits the combat and weapons of this automaton. You look really good and the team responsible for knowing, the mechanics will be delicious:

Long ago confirmed that the work of Yoko Taro would be released on PC and is that starting from March 17, you can buy it on Steam. I remember that PS4 is put on sale on March 10.

Get with it, because those games is to have and has paint that is going to go unnoticed and should not.

Source | Koch Media

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