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Epic Games Announces Battle Breakers, an RPG with cross-play in mobile and PC

The GDC in San Francisco is not usually a big game ads site, but something interesting falls every year and this time it was Epic Games responsible for surprise with a curious title for a very particular trait: has not only cross-play between iOS and Android, two mobile platforms that will come out, but also in Windows (PC) non-mobile), resulting in a cross of platforms that I think it is unprecedented.

The game in question entitled Battle Breakers and will be an RPG engine Unreal Engine 4-mounted and say those responsible in Epic that was born from the idea of mixing ‘ our passion for crazy Saturday morning cartoons of 80s with our obsession with turn-based tactical RPGs».

Apparently the mechanics will be something similar to Pokemon and Fire Emblem, with a large staff of various heroes (ninjas, robots, mutants, spatial, Summoners mercenaries and that kind of good people) to face in a combat system remotely related paper scissors stone equipment according to our style and ability.

At the moment there is no release date, although Epic assures that the game is in phase of testing in the Philippines and you will arrive at PC, iOS and Android this year.

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