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Evolve, Layers of Fear and Borderlands 2, among the games with Gold in March

Microsoft has announced the games that will be available to Gold subscribers during the month of March by the games with Goldprogram.

Xbox One have two games: Layers of Fear and Evolve. The first is a horror game in first person which encourages us to visit the home of a painter «life has kept that some few slaps» and «has fallen into some kind of cerebral Fossa where all their traumas come together»; pinjed explained on its website one of their main strengths:

There is no zombies who want to start us entrails, or psychopaths masked with chainsaws, no spiders Giants sharp JAWS: health bar there is neither death nor fail state or game over. The witch in the game of Bloober Team’s train is, literally, a guided tour through the mind of a madman where every jump and every strange event is part of the effort of his own brain by throwing symbols and metaphors of their greatest fears. Perhaps more Buckthorn fear of all: that only one is capable of imagining.

In the case of Evolve, it is worth reviewing the recent history of the sadly defenestrated Turtle Rock game. In the middle of last year, the PC version became free and renamed to suggest that this change (along with many others on the internal balance of the game, less explicit but equally important) gave way to a “phase 2” of the life of the shooter; Despite attempts to revive the community, in October the Studio announced letting develop Evolve. At that time, the responsibility passed to be 2 k, whose priority remains, says, create a solid community on PC; Perhaps the emergence at the games with Gold is a proof of interest before the phase 2 consoles, something that Turtle Rock was considered more important than 2 K.

On Xbox 360, on the other hand, we have 2 Borderlands and Heavy Weapon. On the first there isn’t much to say at this point; We have had a year to complete the first part, which came with the games with Gold by March 2016. The other is an arcade shooter in 2D developed by PopCap, those of Plants vs. Zombies or Bejeweled; None of the other world, but something more interesting than it may seem at first sight.

These last days of February are also the last chance to download the games with Gold in February, among which are Lovers in Dangerous Spacetime or Project CARS.

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