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Fallout jumps the boards with your own Wargaming


It seems that the Fallout saga will be the next to jump from the world of the video game of the Board Games. On this occasion, the post-apocalyptic RPG from Bethesda bet on the wargame format to tables around the world. By the time the details about this project are unknown, except that the Modiphius company will be responsible for giving life to this game of skirmishes between thumbnails.

The image that illustrates is input sample prototypes of miniatures that we can expect in Fallout: Wasteland Warfare. Super Mutants, power armor and ojobots are just a few of the elements that we can lead in this game. It is still too early to talk about details, but if the quality is similar to what we can see in the announcement of Modiphius, a project is quite promising.

The Fallout universe lends itself easily to a game of this nature since their rich universe presents a multitude of warring factions. To the aforementioned Super Mutants can add other groups iconic like the brotherhood of steel, the Enclave or the NCR. Everything seems to indicate that aesthetics that will follow is that of Bethesdagames, making it the first Fallout are discarded, though this is nothing more than speculation. It is not known if it could incorporate elements of New Vegas.

At the moment, there is no more information about Fallout: Wasteland Warfare, for what will be waiting for it to disclose more data on the same. As far as Modiphiusis concerned, its reputation is relatively good, so we can expect an interesting product and maybe a deep wargame set in a much-loved by the gamers universe.

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