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Fantastic Bundle: five Fantastic Arcade 2016 outputs wonders

Fantastic Bundle: cinco maravillas salidas del Fantastic Arcade 2016

Collective indie with the best name in history, Texans games ranchers, have returned to mount this year its traditional Fantastic Arcade, the corner videojuerguista that sits within the Fantastic Fest, a festival of horror, fantasy and science fiction that takes place in Austin, Texas, almost always during the last week of September.

He year last already were giving a review to them games developed in exclusive for the Fantastic Arcade 2015 (where, incidentally, is can play of way free in precious machines recreational manufactured and decorated specifically for the occasion), that finished gathering is in a delicious Humble Bundle weekly of five parts and to which is added some consagradisimos indies as Hotline Miami or FES for convince to them undecided.

This year the thing seems somehow more purely indie: of time not is offers through the shop of Humble Bundle but are have gone to our glorious sanctuary of marcianadas, and in this occasion the bundle offers exclusively them five games of the Fantastic Arcade that concludes today same.

Perhaps to some them seems that pay 15 dollars by five indies unknown and low-fi is risk your money, but only makes lack take a look to them authors for start to excite is with this half dozen of pet projects. Alert:


It new of Moppin, the Japanese mysterious that is pulled out of the sleeve the supernal Downwell without have made a game in his life, in collaboration with other illustrious Nippon, the artist Nemk. A kind of STALKER pixelated and adorable with a browser in a zone of exclusion plagued of fauna mutant within a world post-apocalyptic.


This should already know it: the experiment that Keita Takahashi ( Katamari Damacy & Noby Noby Boy’sfather) with Adam Saltsman (author of Canabalt and Overland) gave birth together in the Game Space, and until today only available to those who make a donation to this initiative. A platform that should lead to the 26 letters of the alphabet until the end of the level, each one with its assigned key to jump obstacles.

Inspector Woof in The Veggie Highschool

The French collective Klondike, who have spent four years doing (or working on) dozens of experimental air indies (here discussed, for example, Naut), and is a detective adventure game where we control a dog inspector during the investigation in an Institute where students are vegetable anthropomorphs and have many secrets to be revealed.


Nathalie Lawhead
, an IGF award was in the Nuovo Awards category by its Tetrageddon Games at GDC from 2015, brings us a violent game of struggle between different sides of frogs, that have an impact towards each other in fighting to death, on a small island surrounded by an ocean of lava bubbling and lethal.


Perhaps the game more Texan of all, despite be work of the collective Dutch Sokpop (that, helmed by Tom van den Boogaart has made stuff well fine as Bernband or Digital Bird Playground), and that us invites to launch ties for catch to some fugitive that can redeem by the money of the reward.

You can buy the pack with them five games in by 15 dollars. All are compatible with Windows and Mac.

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