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Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age announced for PS4


There were rumors and expected that Square-Enix finally give the final step and today has reached to this day. Final Fantasy XII is being remastered and announced under the name of Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age. It will include content from the international version of the game, i.e., the most complete. It appears on PS4 and is dated to 2017.


What’s new:

  • Based on the international version of Final Fantasy XII.
  • Funds, models of characters, fonts and all parts in 2D will be higher resolution.
  • Higher resolution video scenes.
  • Use this graphic technology.
  • Higher quality sound. 7.1 confirmed.
  • Japanese and English voices.
  • You can choose the original soundtrack or opt for a new version recorded for this remastering.
  • Reduced load times.
  • Auto-save.
  • Turbo mode.

It is a Final Fantasy hit by criticisms, but personally I really enjoyed it at the time.

Via | Neo-GAF

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