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Final Fantasy XV has new trailer: Omen

Square Enix has just released a new video of Final Fantasy XV titled Omen. Your description on YouTube says that it is a conceptual trailer inspired by the game, something like a nightmare of Noctis, the protagonist. It is a very good way to describe what we see in this long trailer. Omen has been created by DIGIC Pictures, a study which already participated in Kingslaive Final Fantasy XV, that movie that complements the game.

In total are almost five minutes of action by different scenarios that, I imagine, can visit in the game. In fact, we have seen some already in previous videos. For the squeamish with the spoilers, everything is a bit out of context, but if some things of the argument can be deduced. If you have tried you keep aside from everything to do with the game, perhaps it is better that you miss it. You need little more than one month for his departure and would be a shame not to get Virgin to release.

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