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Final Fantasy XV now on sale


It seems lie but two of the most anticipated games from many years ago finally are a reality. We are talking about Final Fantasy XV, formerly known as Versus, renowned as a main chapter of the license and The Last Guardian and after many problems can already be yours in PS4 or Xbox One.

The criticism has valued very positively the game. A Final with essence of the legendary series that represents, and although it is not perfect, has a very well-worked among the Group of protagonists, a combat system fast and very dynamic that can adapt to a more classical set – and tactical-if you prefer-. The benefits do not end at that point because that also highlights the artistic section, certain moments full of explosive playable and the BSO.

Negatively presents certain defects in the system of magic, the affordable level of difficulty, the limitation of invocations – although they are impressive – and the lack of development in secondary missions. With all the global roza sobresaliente-notable high.

A product which will give you about fifty hours of fun and great moments.

Launch trailer:

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