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furusoma is the new musical game from the creator of PaRappa the Rapper

furusoma es el nuevo juego musical del creador de PaRappa the Rapper

When we talk about music games, after always burst the bubble of the genre, we tend to place the origins of the movement in Guitar Hero or the germ of his birth, Frequency and Amplitude, the first two works by Harmonix. However, one starts to pull the thread arrives until 1996 and the launch for PlayStation’s PaRappa the Rappa (Parappa Rappā in Japçon), the rhythmic adventures by dog rapper that a man named Masaya Matsuuragave birth.

To Matsuura we owe also another classic as Vib-Ribbon, which appeared on the same platform three years later, and the sequel to PaRappa posted in PS2 in 2002, but since then has not done things that have excelled. Games such as Major Minor completo Majestic March Wii survival horror Haunt of Xbox 360, perhaps the first time that tried to out of the genre of music and partying. He has combined his career as a designer of games with its true and nothing surprising vocation, music, editing several works with his band J-pop progressive PSY•S, which has been active for more than three decades.

Now Masaya friend returns to take hold of his Studio NanaOn-Sha, to get another new project that combines gaming and music in a fairly new format. It is titled furusoma (as is, in lower case), can be downloaded for free on iTunes for iOS and Google Play Store for Android, and the idea is not imitation of notes, synchrony or the memorization of rhythm patterns both the ability to answer tones which proposes the game. It is more difficult to explain that to play, but the mandanga focuses primarily on stimulating sensitivity for the melody and the ear of the player through a fairly traditional in form of electronic keyboard interface.

furusoma es el nuevo juego musical del creador de PaRappa the Rapper

The game was presented by the own Matsuura in the first round of demos under the International Game Developers Association Switzerland Chapter held in Zurich over one month ago, which dealt with the theme ‘music and game design’. Also attended by people like Fernando Ramallo, author of Panoramical, and other specialized composition and the audiovisual artists to exploit that very interesting relationship has been established over the years between a form of ancestral expression such as music and a young concept as it is the interactivity in the digital world.

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