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Ghost of a Tale comes to Early Access

After having been three years without his tail showing, last March returned to know of Ghost of a Tale, a game announced in 2013 that was on the medieval adventures of a lovable little anthropomorphic mouse. In March the author (which is a single type, Lionel Gallat, so the level of work must be maddening; he even talked about trips to mines in the North of France to devote himself only to photograph textures and incorporate them into your game) already warned of missing you bit to enter beta phase.

Now already can give it by opened: the Monday Ghost of to Tale came to Steam by the via of the access anticipated, to a price of 18 euros with 10% of discount, so that in conditions normal will cost 20. Says Gallat is the game not many finished and left him at least six months of intensive work on it (says that the heart of the mechanics is 90%, and that in total the adventure of time the thing is 30% in terms of volume of missions and locations), but that will be very good feedback that may provide to those who come to play it in its current state.

Gallat asks patience to those who decide to bet on the game, and already warns that right now the game ends abruptly in the middle of the story, so it’s one of those releases designed to get out the participatory community activity and primarily to incomes extra. We need to remember in this regard that Ghost of a Tale already it financed in a campaign’s IndieGogo, but only asked for 45,000 euros and that was three years ago. The money that between now by Early Access will feed the machinery and will speed up, if all goes well, the process of development.

The trailer you have here above is quite old, but if you want to see how he progresses the spectacular visuals of the game, take a look the development diary that keeps Gallat or videos that were published in March.

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