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Glorious revelations of the creators of 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand eight years later

Gloriosas revelaciones de los creadores de 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand ocho años después

I’m going to start telling the truth: this news is as valid as any other excuse so you read, please I ask, the wonderful review of 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand, who wrote the lyrics for already seven convicted five and that it remains one of the most beautiful texts that hang from this Holy House. It said things like this:

Don’t let its appearance fool you. His rocky chest 50 Cent behind the soft Centre of cotton candy from Curtis James Jackson III. In Blood on the Sand there is time even for love, or rather for a brief flirtation with the woman who robs us the skull at the beginning of the game, once we discover that she is nothing more than another victim of the villain. Fifty saves his life at the reunion but will note cautious, perhaps even wounded by this attack on their property. Do I quote: You one lucky dog, you know that? In following dialogue, when she returns the favor, be glimpsed the emergence of romantic tension: You one crazy dog, you know that? My kinda girl. We know that the Mesopotamian Amazon has returned to steal, only this time the object of the theft is his heart. They spend about three minutes until she betrays him and returns to everyone you skull Fifty just recoverBitches, whatcha gonna do. Chasing her jeep and killing her, of course.

And what the hell comes to talk now about this crazy bunch of shit with guns? To that in the latest issue of the Edge have interviewed several of the developers of Blood on the Sand – who was then working in Swordfish Studios, a Studio which was absorbed by Vivendi, then passed into the hands of Codemasters and finally closed in 2010; to merge with Vivendi, Activision is backed in its
distribution and THQ bought the rights of the game – for a laugh sharing some memories. On the creation of the second 50 Cent game has long stories of the most extravagant, but there is an anecdote in this story that makes you already hold the status of legend of the surreal developments.

Explains Ian Flatt, director of production, “we reached a point of planning that our guys had to take a plane to introduce you to the build to 50 Cent and his team of representatives. «The I wanted that his son, who at that time should have about six or seven years, would be at the meeting, that would be the person who play to the build and decided if it was good enough». Here is already noticed it was not by far a normal development, that 50 Cent all sweated it is greatly and that its representatives, for some reason, they were afraid to go against. But things improved: “so he started playing and I was saying,” I like, I like, it is great! But I want to a level that has helicopters! “.” An employee of the study explained that it was a shooter in the third person and had no helicopters. But the son of 50 Cent said, “No, I want helicopters”, and then 50 Cent turned and said, “you’ve already heard him. Do a level with helicopters”. And, indeed, the game ended up being helicopters.

Gloriosas revelaciones de los creadores de 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand ocho años después

Then own 50 Cent also made another request: I wanted to car chases. According to Flatt, the task of those elements in the phase of development in which they were added was an absolute chaladura nonsense, and had to “sewing” those parts in sections separated within a game whose code and engine were not designed to handle vehicles, with all the work involved in that. «It was necessary to make cars that run and chocasen among them, create an AI that you attack while you conducías, do the audio engines and collision», regrets Flatt. «[Required] tons of mechanical and only work for small sections which were completely useless for the central part of shooter».

So henceforth, when you see ads for baby big boss and other stories about young children taking executive decisions at the highest corporate level, as you chat otherwise. With a crybaby of pure embarrassment hovering by the corner of the eye.

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