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Gremlins, Inc. adds the ability to play offline

Gremlins Inc offline actualizacion

Charlie Oscar has announced the launch of Gremlins vs Automatons, a new version of Gremlins, Inc. that will be playable offline, without connection to the game servers.

This version, one of the “most requested by fans”, according to the press release, will be added free of charge to the library of Steam of any owner, past or future, of Gremlins, Inc., and will not be sold independently: «all new players who buy Gremlins, Inc. hereafter will be Gremlins vs free Automatons with the main game».

Casting an eye to reviews from users on Steam, it is clear that the fact that the player (against computer controlled rivals) mode was subordinated to the connection to the server was not grace to anyone. I do not know which side was the problem, but it is easy to read reviews with bitter cries because of unexpected disconnections in the midst of a single game.

Now while the game came out Early access, and since then many things have happened: from the additional downloadable content or micropayments to fifteen official tournaments or integration with Steam Workshop.

At the time, we talk about Gremlins, Inc. as “a board game pessimistic» «up to six players compete by turns to be the most powerful, the richest, the most feared; win the elections, getting banks to speak in your favor, pluck your rivals». It is a game that you are bitten legs without shame to whom it deems appropriate; You can read in our article:

Illustrated carefully, same letters go throwing daggers here and there, not only by the twisted humor of their combinations of drawing and names, but also with texts of ambience, as in Magic letters (by go building bridges that help to form a clearer picture of how the subject), they put in context the world of the game. «There are only somewhat more sure that having a large sum of money in a bank to theft: take one proof bankers», reads one of them. “Before you sign a contract”, says another (good treatment, which gives us, if we play it in box Agency, money 200 and 1 of malice), «make sure you that is you who is cheating without qualms to your new partner and not vice versa”. Letter Small coercion has another valuable lesson: “a society is only fully civilized when coercion is not from terrorist groups, but representatives of own power structures”.

You can read the full article here.

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