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Hard Reset Redux comes out today on PC and Xbox One; June 8 will in PS4

Gambitious Digital Entertainment has released the launch trailer Hard Reset Redux, the updated version of the shooter in first person with that Flying Wild Hog threw the view to the classic hit shots beyond dolls by 2011.

Long time that; This version Redux improves the graphics, but also adds new enemies and toquetea design for the game is better balanced. Also adds Cyber-Katana, a new weapon that launches a nod to another great game of Flying Wild Hog, Shadow Warrior, and that in fact slipped to his universe: the sword will be an extra in the future Shadow Warrior 2 for those who are in your Library Hard Reset Redux.

The promotion interesting, if we talk about it, is 85% discount for those who already have Steam in the original Hard Reset or Shadow Warrior. A good way to encourage to try this Redux; at the end comes out of four dogs, as they say.

All this applies to Steam, where the game is available from same. Xbox One also published today, but PlayStation 4 will have to wait until June 8, date of publication in Europe.

In his day, pinjed wrote in his analysis of Hard Reset on how the study sought to revive the essence of the first-person shooting games. “And what is the essence of the FPS?” asked:

Because it does only need look a Doom or a Quake: pasilleros levels, enemies to waves, arsenals of progressively more powerful weapons and often a directorship for launch from a seventh. This is basically Hard Reset and seems very aware of it with every step that allows us to give and the story is purely testimonial to the point that the cinematics can be omitted from the start thanks to a disproportionate poster that almost seems to be saying: “pass of this shit and go to hit shots, fucking freak”.

You can read the rest here.
I personally want to play something as well, especially since the incredible new Doom revived shooters of old school flame all of us. That Yes: watching the trailer, which lentito appears all in comparison with the espidicas massacres of the of id Software.

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