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He loved as basis of the design: impressions of Gravity Rush 2

El encanto como base del diseño: impresiones de Gravity Rush 2

Gravity Rush 2, judging from that seen in the demo and coming from the first installment, works the other way around. Is something appropriate, if we put so, in a game that is based in alter the gravity to stay you mouth down.

I say this because normal, when you have something the desire that I have him to this, is be in a hurry to begin. And I became, as say, otherwise: I was a ratillo doing nothing, seeing how hair, handkerchiefs and clothes of the young Kat – standing on a sort of boat flying, reaching that market that has left thousand videos – moved with the wind. Not is a shows of power technical especially remarkable, but yes I seemed it quite hypnotic as for, to the grab finally the command, do it already with a smile in the face.

Sounds like a silly until you try it: its good vibes is something absolutely defining Gravity Rush. By it attractive of its paragraph visual, it carefree of his tone and it innocent of its protagonist, the predisposition of the player is invests: Gravity Rush 2, as the former, like until is show it contrary. If others try to convince you with their mechanical and its narrative, this you has from the beginning and after already see if you lost by the road. Surely not.

El encanto como base del diseño: impresiones de Gravity Rush 2

The demo – was published last week in the Japanese Store, but it would be absurd that could not be downloaded here later – contains a couple of tutorials that overlap. There is that choose one or another to the start, so the same stage serves to review or present them different mechanical of the game. He first, intended for those that not knew to Kat, you teaches it of manipulate the gravity for to fall in all directions and get to any corner of a mapping full of islands floating. Ends up being something like flying, but with several shades especially funny: animation of the girl during the journeys, which is the opposite of any super hero pose, or the beating are avoided at the last moment, creating another bubble of zero gravity for point-and-shoot (you) in another direction. As in the Gravity Rush original, that began with the girl forgetful looking for furniture for a room improvised in the sewers, them excuses to put is underway are deliciously trivial. You learn to collect fragments to stay longer in the air, for example, while you persecute to a Seagull who has stolen you a kebab.

El encanto como base del diseño: impresiones de Gravity Rush 2

There are situations, and rather more serious threats, clear. They are back those enemies from another dimension, a sort of shadows with red crystals which his weak point, and also soldiers with machine guns, rocket launchers and sizable errant tanks. They serve together to rehearse the flying kicks – the speciality of the House-, simplistic attacks and special shock. Also during one of those bouts is unlock the main novelty of this sequel: the styles of gravity. It is the Moon and Jupiter, is in addition to the standard, which end up being much more than weapons of other color. Although each mode can be especially effective against certain enemies-with a you can teleport to avoid that you Dodge, it another allows hit the soil with force and generate a devastating wave expansive-, surprises it much that provide with them details without importance apparent. There is something exciting about simply rediscover the movements of Kat: the much lighter, almost floating strides and falls that are extended in the style Lunar, the punching awkward because you can not get the feet off the ground to hit Jupiter kicks in style.

That prefer talk on those details, by their weight in the experience, not means that not can say nothing about them implications in the part more traditional of the design. Also know of that Keiichiro Toyama and their colleagues from the Team Gravity, that it show with settings and with turns of nut well designed. The protagonist could and can create a field gravitational for make levitate e go throwing with force up to five objects-chairs, boxes… What caught near. If using that ability with the style of Jupiter, the five objects are combined into a giant ball, a jumble of wood, fabric and iron needs a few seconds to form, but much more stinging.

The few glitches that I able to detect during these short games are almost always related to the technical part of Gravity Rush 2. Camera is not always placed on the best site when you are near a wall and slope, at least in this version of the game, ignore the slowdowns or characters that appear suddenly when they are not very far. They are unexpected asperities in a game that, despite being especially nice – the art direction is protagonist Yes or Yes-, does not intend to make many graphic módena beyond physics to break furniture. Some that you can not walk quietly also bothers me. Perhaps I am too used to the gait of Bayonetta, but Kat minimum rate seems to me to be excessive; I understand that this restless trot goes with the character, but I think that an additional March below needed.

Hobbies aside, the magnetism of Gravity Rush 2 has exceeded my expectations. It meant more or less what I would find, but did not remember to what extent; It is easy to forget, it is not the first time that we say it here, how much that is appreciate games so cheerful and friendly. There is the question, obviously, if it will be as easy to seduce those who have not tried the first Gravity Rush. We will see if Sony released with the Plus also outside of Japan, but it is convenient to you, I think I will no longer be one of those at the end of November.

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